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1431) UK(khukha)PTI 
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Friday, 9 October 2015 11:17 AM

Polite request to you brother please stay with the topic. Do not try to get away from the original questions by asking me more questions. Rather you should try to answer all questions raised here which may change my opinion. If ou prove my understating is wrong then I ll step forward for the apology.
I have never involved in the Pakistan election, never been there on election day but now I think if we do not speak or write about wrong people then nothing will improve. I will write against any political leader of UC khukha regardless of any party, if they ever do anything wrong or deceive or get involved in corruption.
You have not replied whether all the questions raised on PTI (Khan Zman) are true or not. This has already proved that I have valid points. I have even offered you my service to provide you further details of all questions raised against him.
Have you ever felt the pain of Dhok jatan people who do not have the electric there for over 50 years? While we complaint or cry when electric goes off for just couple of hours. How excited they would have been when they had seen the electric pols just outside their homes. How helpless they had felt when they were moved away from there in front of their eyes and moved to Khan Zaman’s form. Where is the justice, real PTI is for to provide justice to poor people? If Imran khan himself has done any type of this work then I would write against him and do not vote for him.
You do not need to go and get training from zardari when you have somone more trained at your home in your own village. You know better than me about his Uncle Ayyub and Yaqoob story. They are the one who brought up all his family, feed them to grow up and they were the one who got stabbed first at their back from khan zaman. I am worry about you brother, may be next is your turn to get stab at your back by khan zaman. If he is not sincere to his own uncles who spent so much money on his previous election then how would he be sincere to you or PTI (Any further details can be explained but only on request). If you want to know some more people who have been stab at the back by khan zaman then let me know. I will be more than happy to explain you.
Believe me election is an investment to Khan zaman and his group, First invest which is before the election and then get return on investment . Beneficiaries are not only khan zaman but also all shared holders.
About your disappointment, I am surprised that all my questions raised against him did not disappoint you (have my questions encouraged you to vote for him?) but my comments based on 100% truth disappointed you.
I am asking everyone to stay in PTI for the parliamentarian election, however now I have started to think that if PTI gives ticket for the parliamentarian election to same old people who have been elected earlier and done corruption then I might leave PTI and also will not support to PMLn or PPP but keep my contribution through the media. My fight is for the people of UC khukha not for personal benefit.
Well if you are worried literately of PMLn candidate for the UC khukha then may I request you to provide us the qualification of PTI UC khukha candidates which they have achieved from the Oxfored university (but please original).

If you have no answer to questions raised here then I will not reply to any of your further comments.

A pakistani Friday, 16 October 2015 10:50 AM
Shame on PTI as its founder supporters and elderly ones are beaten up in meetings

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