An annual Scholarship ceremony was held in both Girls Primary school and Boys Middle school on 27th and 28th of September respectively. School management invited all members of school committee. It was held in the remembrance of Late Chairman Noor Illahi. is very grateful to Mehboob Illahi to provide details and photos of the ceremony.

The Education department provided FREE text books for every pupil of Girls Primary School Khukha. Mehboob Illahi gave a pair of shoes to 30 needy girls, while Haji Muzaffar Hussain gave uniforms to these 30 girls. Mehboob Illahi also gave a copy of Exercise Book to all pupils of primary school. Haji Maqsood Ahmed donated Rs.3000, Mehboob Illahi Rs.5000, Tanvee Ahmed Patwari Rs.5000, Haji Yaseen Rs.5000 to build the toilet facilities in Girls primary school.

Education department also gave FREE text books to all pupils of Boys middle school Khukha. These text books are very costly and people find it difficult to provide these text books for their children. Mehboob Illahi also generously gave Uniforms and pair of shoes to 45 needy pupils. Saeed Ahmed son of Late Master Akram also gave uniforms to 45 pupils. Barrister Amjad Nawaz son of Late Haji Mohammad Azam announced to award scholarship (Rs. 40,000 in total) to eight pupils, one from each class of school. Each pupil would be given Rs.5000 which would be distributed by Headmaster each month throughout the academic year. Mehboob Illahi, Haji Muzaffar Hussain and Amjad Nawaz each donated Rs.5000 while Haji Maqsood Ahmed donated Rs.3000 for school ground improvement. ...................Photos by Mehboob Illahi.

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